Our Design Philosophy

You don't need to fit in. Our underwear will fit you.

We see clothes as an opportunity to be our authentic selves, rather than a way to conform to predefined standards. We believe pieces should not only dress but also undress. Timeless shapes should bring out the best in our body lines. Versatile design should accentuate our multifaceted, ever-changing identities.

Beauty is Diverse and Cannot be Defined

The mainstream fashion industry has been eroding the definition of beauty. Its documented history of pushing its standardised yet often unattainable aesthetics has affected the way we understand ourselves and our bodies.

However, at Soi(e), we believe that beauty cannot be confined to a single definition. We believe beauty flourishes when we embrace ourselves as we are. There is beauty in our movement, our touch, and our connection to one another.

An Ode To Duality

Soi(e) celebrates diversity and transdisciplinarity. We bring together the arts and sciences. We envision a harmony between the timeless and the ever-changing. We embrace the state of the dressed and the undressed.

Our Values

Made Locally x Inspired By Diversity

The garments we design reflect a distinctly Australian locale and its community of various cultures and identities. We engage with a local heritage that is cosmopolitan.

Inclusivity x Sustainability

We believe sustainability and inclusion are interconnected guides. These two principles are woven together and embedded throughout the garment life-cycle.

Engineering x Fashion

Engineering grounds our fashion from the sciences behind how we determine the perfect garment fit to making production more sustainable.


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