Soi(e) Origin(s)

The Soi(e) Origin(s) campaign marks the beginning of Soi(e) lingerie this November 2022 in Sydney, Australia. After almost two years of research and tireless co-design with the local community, we're officially launching our base range of women's underwear.

Our campaign is a love letter our bodies, our words, our movements, our connection to each other and the peculiarities that make them beautiful—our origins. Soi(e) Origin(s) invites us to gaze and explore the depths of what makes us who we are.

Made locally, inspired by diversity.

We stand firm by our belief that beauty can never be confined to a single definition. It exists, not in spite, but as championed by diversity. For this campaign, we made sure that this philosophy was embedded into every stage of development—from our research and production to our photoshoots.