About Us


Soi(e) is an inclusive and sustainable Australian lingerie brand that leverages technology to create bras that fit all women. Though wearing a bra every day is a reality for most women, most find it difficult to find one that fits. 

However, as women are diverse in their identities and needs, so too are their bodies. This poses a logistical nightmare to major underwear brands and their mass production lines. This is made worse when today every fifth piece of garment ends up in landfills without ever being worn.  All in all, the bra fitting problem is costing women, brands, and the environment.

You don't need to fit in. Our underwear will fit you.

Our design philosophy values clothes as an opportunity to be our authentic selves, rather than a way to conform into predefined standards.

We are based in Sydney, Australia and will currently only accept a limited number of orders.